開発者インタビューInterview with the developers

開発者の想いThe developer’s thoughts


We made Slack Rail with the intention that it would be used for Slacklining practice. However, due to prevention of stranger danger in the parks, children are unable to play there freely in the first place and so we realized they may not get the chance to start Slacklining. It has become common practice for children’s play areas and their way of playing to be restricted for their own safety.

ジリリタでは現代の安心安全も最大限に担保しながら、遊び手には思いっきりそして遊び方も自由に作れる余白を残したおもちゃを提供したいと考えています。”simple is best” 年齢・性別・国境・障がいなどにとらわれず誰もが繋がり笑顔になれる遊びの提案がジリリタの使命です。

Gililita strives to provide a place where children can play freely, while guaranteeing the level of safety necessary in this modern day. Our aim is to provide a way to play which can make anyone of any age, gender, country and ability smile.

株式会社カーボーイは赤ちゃんからお年寄りまでのセーフティグッズや各企業様向け安全用品の開発・製造・販売を事業とする国内シェアNO.1メーカーでカーボーイ 廻本社長が25年前に子どものために角を安全にしようとはじめた安心クッションシリーズ。

Car-Boy co, Ltd is the NO 1 share company in Japan which develops, manufactures and sells safety goods for businesses and people of all ages. Company President Mawarimoto started the cushion series when he decided to protect children from corners 25 years ago.


NBR (Nitrile rubber), which Slack Rail is made from, is a tear resistant and resilient yet flexible material. On the other hand, making it retain its shape is difficult. However, with the persistent development efforts from a Chinese subcontract factory, shaping became possible and the material started to be utilized by a major automobile company later followed by other businesses. Furthermore, it meets the requirements for use in areas with babies and young children where strict safety rules are in place. And now, Slack Rail is utilizing this strong and safe material by Car-boy co, Ltd.

子どもの遊び場とスラックラインSlacklining & children’s play areas


スラックラインと言う素晴らしいスポーツを普及させるために活動している共同開発のスラックライン推進機構並びグループチーム、そしてスラックラインの楽しさを伝える一助にをキッカケに開発したスラックレールと、カタチにしたり、伝えるために力を貸していただき共に作り上げてくれている協力社 のみなさま。スラックレールは、商品で世界中の人々が繋がればと思っていますが、既に多くの方々の繋がりで生まれようとしています。世界にひろがるのと同じくらい関わる方々の物語も伝えて行きたいと思います。

The modern word is overflowing with the feeling of isolation, although some people may not feel that way, so we feel that we should pursue a more free way to play. If we think about the chance of even making one person smile, we should make places to play in areas where there are none. Taking the idea of creating limitless play in a limited space as the basic element, Slack Rail was created.
A team from Slacklining Promotion Company, whose goal is to spread the word about the amazing sport Slacklining, cooperated with us in the development of Slack Rail, which was designed to introduce the fun of Slacklining. We hope to get people excited with Slack Rail and it has already made exciting times for many people. As it spreads worldwide, we want to share the stories of the people who have used our product.


スラックレールはスラックラインの要素を楽しんだり練習したりできるよう開発いたしましたが、スラックラインの持つ「体幹・バランス・集中力・姿勢」が、子どもたちの『発育・フィットネス・リフレッシュ・健康維持・スポーツ全般』などに手軽に取り組める点、場所も室内のみではなく、公園・ キャンプ場・ビーチなどのアウトドアでも楽しめ、終わったらジャブジャブ洗えるヘビーデューティさ、そして何より、繋ぐことにより一人から沢山の人々で楽しめることがわかってきました。


Slack Rail was developed for the purpose of enjoying and practicing Slacklining. However, the ability to use Slack Rail to hone the necessary Slacklining skills of “core, balance, concentration and posture”, can be used to easily help children with “physical development, fitness, refreshment, health care and sports skills” and it can be used anywhere such as indoors, at a park, at a campsite and at a beach. It’s a heavy duty item which can be washed. Above all, we found that individuals and large groups of people can enjoy Slack Rail by slotting them together.
Children can not only simply walk along it, but they can freely use their imagination to slot together the pieces to create their own course or put the rails parallel and roll a ball down them for example. This way they can create new ways to play. It would be wonderful if it could make everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality and ability smile.


From the position of Gililita, we believe Slack Rail has been created with the power of everyone.
Regarding the material NBR (Nitrile Rubber) manufactured in China and created by top share company in Japan Car-boy co, Inc, had no reason to make a direct transaction with Gililita as we were still unestablished at that time. However, they viewed a video of children enjoying the prototype at a children’s facility and saw that the nitrile rubber could be used in a different way. Following that, they became our development partners.


The manufacturing of Slack Rail later started in Tokyo. When the joint manufacturing started, it wasn’t the same simple hole it is now, but we tried and failed by trying things like velcro and something similar to toy train tracks, we tried cutting with scissors and craft knives and we accidentally set it on fire when cutting it with a laser. However, the idea of the hole and joint bar came from its safety and durability when being manipulated.


The important carving of Slack Rail takes place at Gililita’s lab in Kirigaoka. Gililita’s lab is 15 minutes on foot from Gililita’s office in Akabane and located in the Kirigaoka central shopping street which has noticeable shutters and stands alongside old apartment buildings. We are renting what used to be an old tea shop that was closed for 35 years. There we create various prototypes and do pad printing etc. The printer is Nandemokun by Anshindou co inc in Adachi, Tokyo. President Maruyama of Anshindou instructed us regarding printing techniques.


The bag shape and design was decided with the help of our designer over many conferences. Manufacturing of the bag was done after some consultation with a packaging factory in the Arakawa area nearby the office. One great characteristic of Slack Rail it is easy to carry, so can be taken to many different places. In order to meet this requirement the bag was designed with a zip.


The packaging takes place where the Kirigaoka lab is located, within the Kirigaoka central shopping street. Here we asked the people working here to assist us. We asked everyone from the “V terraced houses” who are part of the “Dream V Social Welfare Service Corporation” to put on the labels. Later, we will slowly increase the work, such as printing, in the hopes of increasing community activities.